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LGBTQIA Therapy North Carolina Adriana Gomez Nichols LCMHC

Adriana Gómez-Nichols, LCMHC






Insurance Offered:


  • Gender Identity/Sexuality Exploration

  • Referral Letters for Gender-Affirming Care

  • Queer-Identified Relationships and Challenges

  • Art Therapy

  • Racial/Ethnic Identity Exploration

  • Self-esteem

A Bit About Me

Adriana (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in the state of North Carolina. She earned a Master's Degree in Counseling & Art Therapy at Southwestern College. Her ideal client is ages 13 and up, with presenting issues such as gender identity and sexuality challenges, relational challenges, developmental trauma, anxiety, depression, and single-event or complex trauma. Adriana has over 8 years experience working with individuals identifying as LGBTQIA+ in a clinical setting. Adriana is featured on the LGBTQ Center of Durham's affirming mental health providers resource list. 


Feeling seen, heard, and understood can be some of the most empowering feelings we experience in life. On the other hand, feeling lost, misunderstood, disconnected, and overwhelmed can be extremely isolating. Whether this is due to trauma, life transitions, identity, relationships, dysfunctional family dynamics, or anxious thoughts, Adriana understands how hard it is to feel alone. Therapy can be the perfect tool to living authentically when you have the courage to explore your inner world with another person and want to know yourself more fully.

Adriana uses a person-centered framework with the core belief that we all are, ultimately, our own experts–sometimes our expertise is just waiting to be uncovered and actualized. Everyone is unique and has individual needs. Therefore, Adriana's approach is diverse, collaborative, experiential, and creative. Adriana will help you navigate life's twists and turns with confidence.

Adriana identifies as a quirky, queer, Colombian-American, from a small town in the South. Her identity has shaped the way she sees the world and fuels her empathy as a therapist. She strives to create a space built on warmth, humor, and connection because ultimately, the therapeutic relationship will be what allows clients to work through their struggles with intention and trust.

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