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LGBTQIA+ Therapy in North Carolina



We're here to help! We all run into challenges sometimes in life. Often times we try to weather these challenges alone, or with the supports we currently have. Despite our best efforts, this isn't always successful, and we can still feel run down, overwhelmed, distressed, or hopeless about the challenges we are facing. Psychotherapy has shown to be beneficial in reducing burnout, learning new skills to tackle challenges more effectively, and increasing a positive view of ourselves and the people in our lives. Our practice offers individual, relationship-focused, and family therapy to those looking for that extra support.


We are a queer-owned and operated practice at every level, and utilize the informed consent model when assisting with medical supports (WPATH, SOC8). We strive to make our practice as inclusive as possible. We are LGBTQIA+ affirming, sex-positive, kink-allied and poly-friendly clinicians. We work from a feminist, anti-racist and anti-oppressive approach and are dedicated to social justice.

Our office is located at:

110 Iowa Lane

Suite 201

(around the backside of building 110--upper level)

Cary, NC 27511

Our office hours for appointments are:

»Monday 10am-8pm
»Tuesday 10am-8pm
»Wednesday 10am-8pm
»Thursday 10am-8pm
»Friday 10am-8pm
»Weekends Call for Availability

LGBTQIA Therapy North Carolina Office Exterior

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