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LGBTQIA Therapist Job North Carolina


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Are you tired of working in settings that are too "generalized"? Are you wishing you could work amongst a community of like-minded clinicians focused on serving their community while also being paid enough to enjoy life outside of work? Are you feeling unfulfilled and like your current patients aren't your ideal clientele?

Horizons Marriage & Family Therapy was created to provide a tight-knit, connected, group of clinicians focused on a specialized niche of LGBTQIA+ informed mental healthcare for the community.


Horizons Marriage & Family Therapy is dedicated to providing specialized LGBTQIA+ informed mental healthcare through a tight-knit team of clinicians. As an LGBTQIA+-owned and operated therapy practice at every level, we prioritize accessibility and support for our clinicians. We're seeking social-justice oriented psychotherapists to join our mission, offering contract-based positions focused on outpatient therapy for individuals and relationships. Whether fully remote or hybrid, we provide a furnished office space in Cary, NC. Join us in making a difference in LGBTQIA+ mental health in the South. Learn more below!


  • Master's degree or higher in social work, mental health counseling, or marriage & family therapy, or related field

  • Active psychotherapy license in North Carolina

  • Passionate advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community and anti-racism

  • Experienced in providing psychotherapy during graduate clinical training and post-graduate outpatient settings

  • Strong interpersonal skills for client and clinician communication

  • Capable of independent clinical tasks with readiness to seek support when needed

  • Strong LGBTQIA+ ally or lived experience as a member of the community

  • Open to mentorship, feedback, and continuous learning in career development


LGBTQIA Therapist Job in
North Carolina Description

  • 1099 Contractor Position with 65%-70% split for clinicians, based on experience and supervision needs

  • Flexible hours for remote telehealth and in-office sessions

  • Board-approved clinical supervision provided for LCMHCA licensees by an Qualified Supervisor

  • Practice offers psychotherapy for individuals and diverse relationship formations, within the LGBTQIA+ clientele umbrella

  • Administrative tasks managed by practice manager and administrator, including client referrals, scheduling, billing, and credentialing

  • Ongoing training opportunities for LGBTQIA+-informed psychotherapy and staying updated on best practices

  • Free specialized LGBTQIA+ clinical training upon onboarding, with ongoing case consultation and mentorship

  • Clinicians responsible for timely completion of clinical documentation (assessments, treatment plans, progress notes)


  • This position is not suitable for those considering opening their own solo or group practice within the next 2 years. We invest a lot in our therapists, and hope to create relationships and community within the practice.

  • Group practices are beneficial for therapists who prefer a communal experience and are willing to share clinical revenues for business and administrative support.

  • Therapists who do well in group practices entrust the practice with marketing, billing, insurance credentialing, insurance claims processing, referrals, and seek regular interaction with peers.

  • The practice prioritizes excellent community care over profit and transparently allocates overhead costs.

  • Transitioning out of the group practice is supported without non-solicitation or non-compete clauses, as the practice believes in ethical collaboration and encourages therapists to pursue their long-term goals.

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