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Assessment for Medical Readiness

1:1 therapeutic support for gender-affirming procedures documentation

Service Description

Often times insurance and doctors require transgender and gender non-conforming individuals to receive a mental health assessment prior to moving forward with medical interventions to affirm gender. Our practice is honored to walk with individuals through that journey, and provide affirming and compassionate treatment to assist individuals toward their medical goals. We practice from the "informed consent" model of providing this service, and allow patients to be agents of their own healthcare and goals while adhering to the most current guidelines from the WPATH. The assessment process can be daunting sometimes, and we work to make this process low-stress, easily understood, and efficient for all individuals seeking this service. We are competent in providing this assessment to individuals ages 12 and up.

Contact Details


Suite D, Second Floor 103 Fountain Brook Circle, Cary, NC, USA

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